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Working with us

For us, working with you is a partnership.

We strive to create once in a lifetime memories for your clients while travelling in New Zealand. No two programs we design are the same and they are always made from scratch, on a blank canvass. We listen, and then we listen some more and only then do we come up with a unique, handcrafted program – made just for you.
What we do is best described as ‘Bespoke Travels’. Bespoke Travels originates from the use of the word ‘bespoke’ in the context of custom-tailored clothing. Every aspect of our tours is meticulously  planned to give you the most individual experience possible.

Designing a trip is a collaborative process, starting from your first contact with us to the moment your clients arrive back home (but let’s not talk about that just yet). The ‘perfect trip’ may not exist since it means something different for everyone, hence everything we do is, you guessed it, tailor-made.

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