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A little inspiration...


New Zealand offers a wide range of accommodation, given our relatively small size. From fancy and posh hotels in our main cities to smaller, family-owned boutique hotels in our smaller towns to country style retreats and holiday homes across the country.

What stands out however is a network of 20 to 25 Luxury Lodges. Most of them have less than 20 rooms but offer fantastic views in some of our most stunning locations. They all share a love and dedication to showcase New Zealand’s best food & wine, paired with impeccable service and true New Zealand hospitality.


We know that it takes much more than providing a nice room with a view to become a ‘luxury hotel’. This is why we spend so much time, year after year, staying in these properties ourselves to inspect and test every single aspect of your guest’s stay. Be it the welcome upon arrival to the pre-dinner drinks to the quality of the house keeping, the upkeep of the gardens and talking to the hosts, we make sure what we sell is unique and ‘delivers’. We know which hotels work – and which don’t.

Unique experiences

We believe travel is about creating emotions and connecting with local people. Our Unique Experiences allow your guests to enjoy a day (or more) with some very special people. These are people who are not only experts in their own field but true ‘passionistas’ about what they do. Be it our fishing guides, our local Maori culture heritage experts, our dedicated hiking- and conservation guides or our food & wine experts; they have all been hand-picked by us and we have developed a special relationship with them over the years. They know what is expected of them and they know how we work.

Many of these Unique Experiences are not available to the public nor can they be found on the internet. They have been invented and designed over many years, often with inputs from our most loyal guests, to make an already special activity a truly Unique Experience. Contact us for more information and inspiration.

Sample programes

While everything we do is always tailor-made, we couldn’t resist the temptation of creating some inspirational sample programs, showcasing the best New Zealand has to offer; from our boutique hotels to our luxury, lodges to activities and Unique Experiences.

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